Q. How much does it cost to franchise a Goto King outlet?
A. It depends on the store type and the size of the proposed site. For information on these types of outlets, please refer to the Basic Franchise Information Package.

Q. Does a franchise applicant need to have a proposed space before applying for a Goto King franchise?
A . No. If an applicant has no site to offer, Goto King can propose several sites for the applicant to choose from.

Q. What is the R.O.I. (Return Of Investment) on a Goto King Franchise?
A. Depends on the management, location and marketing of the store, but we do not recommend sites wherein we feel recovery of investment is unattainable. As a rule of thumb, the investment should be recovered by the half of the contract term.

Q. What are the inclusions of a Goto King Franchise Package?
A. The package includes the Franchise Fee, Outlet Design and Construction, Restaurant and Kitchen Equipment, Training of Management Team and Crew, Operations Manuals, among others. Please refer to Basic Franchise Information Package.

Q. What happens at the end of every Franchise Term?
A. The franchisee has the option to renew or end the franchise contract. Renewal is subject to prevailing rates and other requirements necessary, such as but not limited to, outlet renovation, etc.

Q. What support does Goto King give its franchisees?
A. Goto King provides:
– Development and consultative services
– Free stocks delivery service within Metro Manila (twice weekly, as scheduled by Goto King.
– Training
– Auditing of outlet operations
– Marketing services including assistance on outlet’s Local Store Marketing (LSM)